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Cafes are always our default solution to kill time. Since we just had lunch and we still have 6 hours before our flight, we decided to go to a cafe which offers a variety of food and drinks. We saw a lot of suggested cafes but Sprockets caught our attention because of its lomography themed wall.

Located in J Block Building along Apitong Street corner Escario Street, Cebu City,  Sprockets Cafe is a shop selling cakes, milk teas, coffee, sandwiches and rice meals. It is a perfect spot for hang-outs and it has a fast WiFi – HAHA!
However, it was moved to Talamban (in front of University of San Carlos). Still sticking to its camera-inspired themed, the interiors became more girly (because of the decorations and wall color).
The Lomo Wall inside Sprockets features works from Lomographers in Cebu. It’s being arranged by its color code.
Cheesy Quesadilla 120php
The mix of cheeses and its gooey-ness is so addicting. Its saltiness is just right and the tortilla is fresh, not flakey.Untitled-1
Mocha frappe (120php) & Hazelnut Special Milk Tea (105php)
It tastes okay,  the ice is not thoroughly blended and it is my first time to try this kind of milk tea. IMG_4269
Strawberry Cheesecake
Because we have a serious case of strawberry addiction, THIS TASTES SO GOOD! The sweetness of the syrup is not over powering. Also, the cheesecake is very smooth.
Sprockets cafe also have art events and contests! Kindly check their Facebook page for updates and for the complete list of their menu.

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