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Reflections Art Boutique is located at Wat Bo Street, Sankat Salar kamreuk, Siem Reap Center. It is situated  in the heart of Siem Reap old colonial town, in an atmosphere of tranquility, nature and tropical gardens and just a 5 minute journey with a Tuk Tuk Service to the famous Pub Street, Old Market, and Night Market. They offer great services and unique facilities. And it is the best choice for those travelers who would like to see and experience a different kind of accommodation.

20-meter Lap Pool
Inspired by the ancient royal bathing pools of Angkor, this elegantly designed pool is located in the inner security measures of the hotel and accessible only to guests of the hotel.
The view from the front desk.
The hotel  arrange tours to Angkor Complex via car or tuktuk. Also, they have bicycles which you could rent for only a dollar per hour.
Imagine sitting on these cute plushies!
IMG_5673 Second  floor
The Kitsch design and decorations of the place are really promising.
Every wall has a distinct artwork or decorationIMG_5675 more anime-like artworks on the other side
Reflections Art Boutique has 16 rooms and each room has a unique theme. You’ll gent a hint from the text written above each door.
We got a cat themed superior room with 2 beds – so PURRetty.
We booked this in Agoda. It costs 30USD (70% off promo) and this includes a complimentary breakfast. Our room reached our expectations – its size, the mini fridge and air conditioner was functioning well, we had a cable TV, a fast WiFi connection and the restroom was clean. However, the room that we got on our first night (which we didn’t booked online due to unexpected reasons) was smaller with only one queen-sized bed; the air conditioner was malfunctioning and there’s no shower heater. The price was almost the same with the one we booked online.
Reflections Restaurant & Bar
The hotel has one restaurant and one bar connected each other located next to the swimming pool. The restaurant offer multi selection on international and Khmer cuisines.
Hours Of Operation
Daily – 6:30 am to 10:30 pm

IMG_6275 10169392_804591579552368_6344775995734944558_n
Our complimentary breakfast was served at the restaurant area. There are different set of meals to choose from plus a cup of tea or coffee and a glass orange juice. We had Khmer Stir Fried rice and omelette with toast. It was tasty, the omelette’s shape may be weird but it tastes like pizza.
We really enjoyed our stay because the rooms were aesthetically pleasing, their service was great – the front desk and restaurant staff was very helpful and kind and the room inclusions reached our expectations.
For the complete list of rooms and inquiries, kindly click this link to their  website.
Address: 545, Wat Bo Street, Sankat Salar kamreuk, Siem Reap Center, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0) 63 969 044


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