Museum of Contemporary Art | Bangkok’s Blossoming Art

On our last day at Bangkok, we decided to pay a visit at Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). There are plenty of museums in Bangkok but this one hyped our curiosity because of its numerous art pieces and design (the photo above is a lotus flower  – we thought those are breasts)
Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok (MoCA) houses the most comprehensive collection of modern painting and sculpture in Thailand inside a striking, purpose-built gallery. The five storeys of MOCA contain over 800 pieces of art collected by communications magnate Boonchai Bencharongkul and showcase the development of Thai fine art since the introduction of modern western concepts.

Going there was not that easy. We left our condo unit at around 7:30am ,to could allot time for our commute and breakfast. We took the BTS going to Mo Chit station and asked the lady in the bus stop what bus number should we take going to MoCA, Vibhavadi Rangsit. She assisted us to the bus and spoke with the driver. Okay, so we sat comfortably, after 10 minutes the fare collector asked us “where where”. We answered that we are heading to MoCA at Vibhavadi Rangsit. She seemed confused so she asked the student in front of us, but unfortunately he couldn’t understand us either. So, we showed the screenshot of the map and the fare collector said something in Thai. We noticed that we are getting farther so we said that we’ll just disembark at the next bus stop so that we could take a taxi.
Luckily, we found a metered taxi right away. So we asked the driver if he knows the direction going to MoCA, Vibhavadi Rangsit – he said yes. However, when we reached Chatuchak area, he kept on stopping and asking the other locals regarding the direction. We noticed that he was driving to the direction of Siam Center and the meter is already reaching 200 baht so we asked him to drop us off at the nearest BTS station which is Sanam Pao. Before we bought tickets we asked the information counter for the right and exact direction going to MoCA. The kind lady wrote the details, nearest landmarks and bus number – she speaks good English! So, round 2 of our MoCA hunt! We, again, bought BTS tickets going to Mo Chit station and took a bus number 134. We sat near the door so that we could see the railroad landmark (MoCA is not situated in the main road). A local behind us asked us where are we heading to, and he talked to the fare collector and instructed her where we will be dropped off. Finally, we reached the bus stop going to MoCA. The path is a rail road dumped with soil but we ended up stepping (and sinking) in mud. We made it at the museum at around 9:30am, the guards allowed us to sit and wait at the entrance area and gave us a pail of water for us to remove the mud in our shoes and legs (sawadee).
The museum is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm, Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday), and costs 180 baht for the general public. It costs 80 baht for students and for visitors over the age of 60 or under 15, admission is free. Bags and bottled beverages are required to be deposited, cameras and phones are allowed.
Great Hornbill Lady will greet you at the museum’s entrance, this huge sculpture represents the everlasting nature and instinct of love.
The ground floor of the museum is very minimalist. White walls and the shadows created by the wall patterns will mesmerize you. A gift shop and cafe is also located in this floor.
The Father of Thai Contemporary Art – Professor Silpa Bhirasri
 Salvador Dali wearing a traditional Thai head-dress by Watchara Prayoonkum
IMG_7302“Sumo” 390x470x630 wood carving by Riharn Opas
IMG_7304 IMG_7315Dancing, 2554, oil on canvas, 200×600 cm.
“Perfect Family”- Bronze horse statues with detailed floral embossing by Roengsak Boonyawanichkul.
“Adum & Steve”- Bronze Horses Statue by Roengsak Boonyawanichkul.
 I think the title is a parody of Adam & Eve. Male names which represents the brokeback (horseback) mountain position of the figure.
IMG_7317(left) prostitutes under a tree, 2548, oil on canvas, 140×200 cm. (right) Glamorous night at Bangkok, 2552, acrylic on canvas, color, 200×300 cm.
The painting in the right may seem simple but try looking at it while squinting. I see a bus, tuktuks, cars and motorcycle (hope I’m right). This painting is like a motion blur photo – a combination of great colors and movement that represents the busy streets of Bangkok.
IMG_7341(right) Botanical, 2536, acrylic on canvas, color, 200×250 cm. (middle) Balmy September, 2551, oil on canvas, 230×200 cm. (left) April, 2554, oil on canvas, 200×400 cm.
I can’t be wrong. The leftmost painting represents the Songkran Festival – the fun of Thais and foreigners


‘Mirror No. 5’ by Amarin Buppasiri
This painting reminds me of Thai youth romcom series or movies. Highschool students are conscious about their looks and complexion.
Even the seats have artworks!IMG_7329
 (L-R) “Darkness” – 2500×2000 Acrylic painting by Veerasak Sassadee (2009); “Lady” – 3000×2000 Acrylic painting by Veerasak Sassadee (2010); ‘Time’ by Chairat Saengthong
This is my favorite wall because it shows femininity and the beauty of a woman.
IMG_7343Kwan Yin Goddess on a giant palm statue.
The Enlightenment, 2554, acrylic on canvas, color, 200×300 cm. IMG_7359 IMG_7360Un-captioned bronze statue. IMG_7361“The Moment Of Decision Making”- 500x1150x540 bronze statue by Praiva Raiva (2007)
IMG_7362Mission: previous restraints, mixed media, 30x80x280 cm IMG_7371Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin’s work simply titled ‘Nude’.
IMG_7375Battle IMG_7379“Misery, Lust, Hope….Wisdom” – 2800x2800x800 mixed media by Vichai Sithirat (2011)
Petting is allowed.IMG_7386

I kiss her, 2552, Oil on canvas, 200 x 300 cm.

Sunset, 2554, oil on canvas, 200×300 cm. IMG_7401
Waters of the Nile River runs through the island.Thailand is a place where people of Mon descent live.Cheryl lived a life bound by this river long. Both consumers And necessities for life And under the water is also rich in many organisms.
To go out to different places. I found the tranquility. Chaos A rustic rural lifestyle. But the tactic overlap of soft colors like a thin fog. As if in a dream realm. Feel and experience the purity hidden in nature. The power light color similar to fade. Build peace and feel the bliss. Voluptuous atmosphere pervading air. Thailand flag blowing in wind The sailing boat on the water pick up people’s lives over the next one to leave. Look beyond the waterfront house in a dimly light the sky conifers.
Wherever they go Artists will memoirs out a draw. The natural beauty in plain view. Put some color on your mood Feel comfortable Using light weights but not perfect results is not easy. But for the artist, then became a technique identity gracefully. (An article by Barney Wan Kitti)IMG_7402
Birth, aging, illness, death, in 2550, oil on canvas, 175×88 (per piece) cm. IMG_7404Phantom of the unconscious one, 2542, oil on canvas, 117x146x12 cm. IMG_7411
IMG_7390“Angel And 8 Devas 1 & 2” – each 1840×1450 acrylic painting by Sittichai Pratchayaratikun (2006)
IMG_7451Gallery of Thawan Duchanee, National Artist IMG_7462Three Worlds, 2554, oil on canvas, 300×700 cm.
These three large paintings which represents heaven, earth & hell is installed in a church-like setting.
IMG_7485 Muay ThaiIMG_7491Jungle themed acrylic paintings by Gegam Kacherian (2011) IMG_7492(L-R) “Midsummer”- 650×800 oil painting by Hu Cheng (1994) ; “Confused” – 900×700 oil painting by Wu Jing Han (2000);
Untitled 100×750 oil painting by Guan Zeju (1999) ; “Nineteen Years Old” – 1550×1000 oil painting by Chinese Yang Feiyun (1988); Untitled 1000×750 oil painting by Guan Zeju (2001); Untitled 900×1200 oil painting by Guan Zeju (2001)
At first I really thought that these are old photos of Chinese women. The details and colors were realistic.
IMG_7496 IMG_7500 IMG_7501Thongchai Srisukprasert’s piecesIMG_7502
 These are just few of MOCA’s artworks. It may seem sensual but there are stories about culture, religion, gender and Thai beliefs behind these beautiful pieces. You’ll find each storey as a great story – the transition of each galleries are like chapters, unveiling great works of each artists. 


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  1. Great photos!! Looks like you had fun!

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  2. There are some really nice pieces here. Thanks for letting us in on this secret. Must remember this when I visit Bangkok.

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  3. Glad you enjoyed my Vienna musings. Nice pics, I’ll be sure to check it out when I’m next in South East Asia 🙂

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  4. Beautiful place, great pictures

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  5. Your plentiful and excellent photos make me feel as if I am peeking into a space that will probably never see. thank you for the tour. I LOVE your cat header BTW 🙂

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