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IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR – Laboracay!! *insert EDM song here* It’s an annual summer event where college students, celebrities and young professionals fly to Boracay and party for 3 nights. Sound like a spring break spin-off. Laboracay is a term for the labor day weekend, May 1 plus its preceding or following weekends.

I’m not really a party or beach lover but a little Laboracay never killed nobody. So, me and my colleagues booked plane tickets 10 months before the scheduled event. We were lucky enough to find a promo airfare at PAL’s website which has a departing date of April 30 and returning flight on May 5 for only P3,200. However, we booked a hotel 5 months before the event so we ran out of affordable accommodations in Stations 1-3 of Boracay. We found one at Airbnb, it is a large room in Alta Vista (with cable tv, aircon, 2 queen size beds, use of pool and shuttle service) which only costed 12,000php for 5 nights – not bad for a group of 4 people. All is set but our bodies are not ready – It is my first time to wear a swimsuit and I’m not very comfortable with it. Our flight was supposed to be at 9:00pm but it was delayed as Kalibo airport was very congested. We boarded the plane at around 10pm and we arrived at 10:30pm. Thankfully, my friend already went to Boracay before so she know the drills. We rode a van going to the jetty port (200php) -travel time is 1.5 hours, then, we took a ferry (Ferry Fare:P25, Environmental Fee P75, Terminal Fee: P100) going to Tambisaan port. Lastly, we took a tricycle going to Alta Vista (50php each person). I didn’t expect that Boracay was that small, it only have one route going to all stations and there were a lot of residential homes. So, we arrived at our room on May 1, woke up on the same date and partied until May 2.
10268571_317805205037793_2137173008436409382_n 10329297_315075131977467_8707158323516703112_n
2nd night snaps which I grabbed from my friend
The first and legit Labor day party was hardcore, I can’t remember what exactly happened but the entire shore became a moshpit of drunk people. Dancing, jumping and drinking from dusk til dawn. Unfortunately, I was wasn’t able to get clear photos during that night for documentation and I don’t think it is worthy to post.
Since parties happens every evening, there are still activities and things to do in Boracay during the day or before heading to the parties.
Maximize your hotel’s amenities


Most hotels in Boracay have a pool which you can use from 8am to 10 pm. Who wants to swim in Station 1 & 2 during Laboracay?! The sea is full of algae and trash caused by the parties.
Drink a bottle of Jonah’s Fruitshake
This milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard! The natural taste of Jonah’s fruitshake will please your taste buds and will quench your thirst. Prices range from PhP 75 to even PhP 160 (off-season fruit combinations). To avoid a long queue, better go here during the morning as the party goers are still sleeping.  Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar
is located at Station 1.
Get a tan under the morning sun
There are a lot of sunbathing benches at Station 2. Put on your headphones, apply an SPF, read a book and enjoy the heat of the sun. Just make sure that you do this before 11:00am or after 2:00pm.
Find your inner peace at Puka beach
Puka beach could be accessed by those who are staying in ShangriLa or Alta Vista. The hotels offer a free shuttle service to the beach. Other tourists could only go here when they have an island hopping tour package.
Compared to the beach front of Boracay, Puka beach is clean, less populated and quiet. You can enjoy reading or even do beach yoga here!
Explore the natural beauty of Puka beach
This hole is actually an entrance to a small cave. Well, there’s nothing special inside but trying it won’t hurt youIMG_8210
The far-end of Puka beach has rock formations.
Sunset gazing
Best time to admire the sunset is around 6:15 – 6:30
Enjoy group activities
There are a lot of activities to do in Boracay. Don’t be afraid to approach those locals who offer tour packages. We tried to canvass and inquire from all them but they offer the same price and packages. Price range depends on the desired activities. The one that we got costed 1,800php each (min of 10pax) – banana boat, parasailing with private motor, atv ride, zorb and paraw sailing. If you want heart pumping activities, they also offer packages with cliff diving at Ariel’s Point and Fly Fish. For those who are underwater fanatics, you’ll enjoy helmet diving and snorkeling.
Banana Boat
It’s like drifting in the sea and your mindset is to hold on to the ropes and not fall.
A cool boat ride with sick tunes plus flying 100 feet high for 10 minutes! I was really nervous because I have a fear of heights and I can’t swim but when we reached the top, I didn’t feel any fear. I actually enjoyed this activity!
ATV Buggy Car
Since the ATVs were still in use and we need to make it to the port area to the enjoy the sunset in our paraw sailing, we opted for the buggy car ride. You’ll get to enjoy driving this for 30 minutes and this will be your transportation going to the Zorb ball activity. The terrain was very dusty – so better wear your shades. The controls weren’t that difficult but I realized that I’m a reckless driver.
Zorb ball
Imagine an egg rolling downhill. Yes, we became scrambled eggs. I never thought that I could drown on that small amount of water.
Paraw Sailing10308170_315080835310230_7839934707625286323_n
Slowly following the current of the while seeing a full view of the sea and sunset. This is a great way to end a day of adventure.
Fire dance watching


These scary fire stunts were done by professional fire dancers. We also tried their 30-minute shisha for 400php.

Drinking alcohol concoctions


The best way to go to the night parties is being pre-drunk. Alcohol sold on-site are really expensive so we tried the 1-liter bucket drink in Boracay Bucket, Station 1. This green drink is called Bucket X – a mystery concoction which costs 350php. At first, it tasted like efficascent oil but after several shots it tasted good and it has a strong effect – boy, we were pretty drunk.
Ice cream binge-eating
I don’t have a whole banana for scale, but this big bowl of fruits and ice cream is good for 5 persons! You can enjoy this at Red BEan Hallowich, D’Mall for 450php.
Take a bite of Chori burger
Chori not sorry, this street beach food is the bomb! A 45-peso worth of grilled chorizo burger may sound plain but wait until you take a bite of it. The flavor secret barbecue sauce will make you crave for more! Take note that the Chori burger stalls are open from 4pm until midnight.
Climb the Willy’s rockIMG_8153
During low tide, you can walk through the shallow water near Station 1. Facing the beach are stairs leading to a chapel at the top, which contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. Willy’s Rock is the most photographed landmark on Boracay.
For me, one “Laboracay” is already okay – just another check mark in my bucket list. I prefer going to Boracay during non-peak dates to enjoy the island and scenery. To those who would like to experience this event, better plan ahead and just be careful. Partying and drinking might sound cool but safety must be your top priority (I sounded like an old woman). Maximize the weekend, forget about work or stress and enjoy the fruit of your labor!



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  1. Nice post. very informative and the pictures was nice.. Boracay in really indeed a paradise..Like you i enjoy boracay also when i have a vacation there, the different activities that you will enjoy plus the delicious food that will satisfies your taste buds.. 🙂 and if your looking for a very relaxing and comfortable stay, try this newly opened hotel in Brgy. hagdan, named The Orient Beach Boracay..the room was cozy and the bed was comfy, its like a giant teady bear.. ^_^ plus the serve a delicious breakfast everyday.. the hotel itself is just a 5mins ride away going to Station 2/D’Mall and 3 mins ride away going to Puka beach by there scheduled complimentary should check it out and see you in your next Boracay Trip 🙂

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