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I’ve been always fascinated by museums and it’s been ages since I went to a Science museum. The Mind Museum had a one-day pass promotion of P450 (normally, it’s P750) so we grabbed the opportunity.
This world-class 2,000 square meters of exhibit space in Taguig is a great place for field trips, families and group of friends who would like to learn or refresh their knowledge about Science. Let me take you to a brief virtual tour inside the Mind Museum.


IMG_8641This is my favorite part of the museum – its beauty and the stars made me feel calm. I also remembered that during my childhood, I would really want to go to the moon and to float outer space.
There’s also a mini-planetarium which projects the creation of the solar system and the in-depth story of Earth. Don’t worry, each exhibit has a signage or guide – you may also take down notes.IMG_8643 IMG_8653
This piano-like stairs is really a piano! Creating a good music was difficult and exhausting
Hair rising static electricity.
IMG_8700 IMG_8708 IMG_8714 IMG_8713 IMG_8720 IMG_8724
Life-sized fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex!
IMG_8670 IMG_8668
When I realized that it’s been almost 5 years since I had a Science subject. 10527592_10203702787064077_8796910658287359504_n
Casting shadows
IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8812
Their own version of AsimoIMG_8821 IMG_8912
The park outside has a mini-play ground and bubble activities and there’s a souvenir shop in the exit
During our tour in the museum, we encountered a lot of kids (I think there’s a field trip tour). I was glad because those kids were really curious, they keep asking the guides and their teachers about the exhibits. It’s true that curiosity is the most powerful thing that you own – from there, you’ll learn.


Mind Museum
Address: JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact Details: 909 –MIND (6463) | inquiry@themindmuseum.org
Operations Schedule:
Tuesday to Sunday – 9AM to 12Noon | 12Noon-3PM | 3pm-6PM
Ticket Prices:
P625 Adult (3-Hour Pass)
P475 Children/Private School Student  (3-Hour Pass)
P190 Teachers and Public School Students  (3-Hour Pass)
P750 All-day pass

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  1. Looks like a super fun place 😀

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