Maginhawa, Quezon City | A Curious Food Guide

Maginhawa is my ultimate food destination in Quezon City since 2012. This long street full of restaurants and cafes offer an array of cuisines which are visually (or rather, instagrammable) and gastronomically pleasing. Thanks to some bloggers and food apps, I was inspired to come up with my own food guide – since I discovered that I have a photo dump of food photos in my hard drive. I created a map which contains places which I already visited (which I’ll also be updating from time to time) and will place my comments for each restaurants and the food that me & my friends tried.

Gerry’s Jeepney
Address: 7 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm; Tuesday – Sunday
Cuisine/Specialty: Filipino
Budget: 250-300php per person
(photo grabbed from Zomato)
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Gerry’s Jeepney was located at the “Sikatuna area” before but if was transferred to a bigger place. It now has a garage full of jeepney prototypes – serving as a dining area too.
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Playing sungka while waiting
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There are “boodle” meals in the menu but it’s a bit pricey for a group of 3 people (P680 being the cheapest). So, we opted to order different viands in the menu.
Sinigang na baboy (190php), Lechon kawali with sauce (220php), Inihaw na manok (160 php)
Comments: The service was slow but the crew were cheerful. Sinigang na baboy was our favorite – the balance of sourness and flavors was so great. The lechon kawali was a bit oily; the inihaw na manok was juicy and a bit sweet – like Mang Inasal. Long lines during weekends and holidays. Would suggest to go here on exactly 11am during peak dates.

Artsy Cafe
Address: 36 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating Schedule: 10am-10pm; Monday – Sunday
Type/Specialty : Cafe & Filipino
Budget: 110-200php per person
(photo courtesy of my friend)
So far, my most favorite place in Maginhawa. The food, design, service and ambiance made me fell in love with Artsy Cafe.IMG_2325 Walls, chairs and even the floor tiles are instagram-worthy2015-01-11-12-20-19(photo courtesy of my friend)
Daing na Bangus – 150phpIMG_2327
Breakfast Tapa – 150php & House Iced tea – 50php
They also offer starters, soups & salad, sandwiches, desserts and steaks
Comments: Both meals were great – also their service. order an extra cup of rice for that big portion of bangus.

A Taste of HEaven Milkshake Hub
Address: 71 Maginhawa St. Quezon City
Operating Schedule:
Mon – Sat12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Specialty: Snacks and Milkshakes
Budget: 80-130php per person

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We ordered vanilla with reese’s (80php), BanaNutella (95php), Strawberry cheesecake (95php_ and a bowl of popcorn. The plain milkshake flavors could be customized, one free topping and sprinklers.
Comments: The space was too small; accommodates 10 persons. Their milkshakes are sundae based so you wouldn’t expect those hard bits of ice. It’s very smooth and creamy, the sweetness will depend on the toppings that you will choose. Of the three flavors that we bought, we must say that ditch the BanaNutella. We all love Nutella but the combination was not that good.

Cool Beans Cafe
Address: 67 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating schedule: 10am-11pm, Monday -Thursday; 10am-12 midnight, Friday-Saturday
Specialty: Coffee
Budget: 70-160php per person
(photo grabbed from Zomato)
This quiet, earthy and library-type cafe offers specialty coffees, panini and rice meals. The aroma of the place will make you relaxed. Some of you might be familiar with this place because it was the setting of a Filipino movie – English Only Please.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Iced Mocha (100php)
Comments: This is a great place for those who wants a quiet place and great coffee. Most of the books are already outdated and getting the couch spot is very difficult *insert Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory here*.

Streat: Maginhawa Food Park
Address: 91 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating Schedule: Tuesday – Sunday; 5pm onwards
Specialty: Desserts, Beverages, Mexican and Asian
Budget: 90-200php per person
(photo courtesy of my friend)
This is a fancier version of banchetto, food trucks and box type stalls which offer different types of specialties. Also, the food park sometimes have exhibits or events.
  • The Lost Bread
Offers cake shakes and adult shakes. Price range – 99 to 120php.
The Carnival (99php)
Comment/Story: We went here on a holiday to try the famous milkshake of The Lost Bread. The line was very long but our desire was too strong. So we waited for two hours (since the machine needed a 30-minute break) and voila! we were kinda disappointed. The milkshake was just a normal type of shake with cotton candy and popcorn – it’s not that sweet. Presentation was great, however, the cotton candy melts/collapses easily. Waiting in line for this is not worth-it. Sorry, but will try the other flavors next time to provide a final verdict.
Stuff Over Burger Cafe
Address: 51 Magiting St., Quezon City
Operating Schedule: 12noon- 10pm, Monday-Saturday
Specialty: American Burgers
Budget: 95-270php per person
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Hungry Daisy Meal – Bacon, Caramelized Onion & Cheese with fries and lemon iced tea – 220php
Comments: A small space which offers big meals! The burger patty was delicious and juicy; the presentation is also nice. Hmm it’s Stuff Over > Zark’s for me (Zark’s burger is just too greasy and soggy).

The Iscreamist
 Address: 46-D Magiting Street, Quezon City
Operating Schedule: 1pm-10pm daily
Specialty: Nitrogen desserts
Budget:79-198php per person
strawberry cheesecake nitrogen sundae – 198php1505199_739300616081465_369269245_n
Dragon’s breath – 79php for 3pcs of macaronsCapture
 This small space makes you feel that you’re an avatar or a smurf. HAHA. Everything here will be served with a cup of liquid nitrogen for that vape-smoke effect.
Comments: A bit pricey for the taste of their ice cream or macarons – I think we paid for the experience and liquid nitrogen. Very long queue and the lighting of the place doesn’t look good in pictures. Trying this for one time is enough – I fulfilled my Breaking Bad dreams.

Maginhawa 101
Address: 101 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday; 11am-11pm and Friday-Sunday; 11am-3pm
Cuisine: Western & Eastern
Budget: 85-250php per person
This newest indoor banchetto place in Maginhawa boasts an array of cuisines and their 300 seating capacity. They are the answer to those peak hours and hungry group of people who have a conflicting choice in food.
image3image22 different types of bagnet patong (120 each) and 2 sticks of jumbo bbq with rice (90php)
Comment: Not bad. Price to quantity and quality is good but not instagrammable. Tastes like the usual banchetto meals but the comfort of having a seat during peak hours is a major plus.

Theo’s Baked + Brewed
Address: 106-C Maginhawa
Operating Schedule: daily from 11am to 12 Midnight
Specialty: Coffee and desserts
Budget: 50-180php per person
Theo’s is a 2-storey cafe which has a wooden motif. Aside from coffee and desserts, they also offer meals which have a great presentation and has an affordable price.
image7 image5 image6 image4
Red velvet cake 70php; Cookie shot 65php; Hazelnut + Green Tea Frappuccino 120php; strawberries and Cream Frappuccino 115php
Comments: Great place, a different motif compared to the usual cafes which I visited. It’s my first time trying a cookie shot and I did had a hard time. I wasn’t sure if I needed to soak the cookie cup in the milk or do i nibble it while drinking the milk HAHA. The cake was moist but I find the center icing too sweet. Both frappuccinos taste great!

Address: 103 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating Hours: daily from 11am -11pm
Specialty: Milk tea
Budget: 55-135php per person
This was the first place we tried in Maginhawa during our college days. There was a milktea crazy before and hanging out in a place with WiFi was our thing before (subscribing to data plans were not a thing for college kids before).
Moonleaf sells planners and they have mini events in their Maginhawa branch. Also, they have a variety of desserts and sandwiches.
My favorite order, fruity yoghurt milk tea 94 and chocolate cupcake 45php
Comments: Since we’ve been here for more than 10 times and also tried different beverages, we do not recommend any passion fruit and jasmine milk teas or yoghurt drinks.

Burger Project
Address: 122 Maginhawa, Quezon City
Operating Schedule: Daily, 11am – 12mn
Specialty: Customized burgers
Budget:200-300php per person
Burger Project has a different concept in their burger business. You’ll construct your own burger from scratch – it’s like creating your sims character based on you preferences. So, while waiting in line they’ll hand you a clipboard with a check-list (bun selection, patty, toppings, cheese) and you’ll  give your burger a name. Since I’m a cheesy person, I bombarded my burger with cheese and to balance it, I added lettuce and caramelized onion – and I ended up removing the lettuce. By the way, I named my burger, JEJEBRGR. But if you’re a lazy type of person, just ask the best seller of their DESIGNR BRGR.
hhhInstaframes and fugly filters were my thing before, so, these are the results. My JEJEBRGR costed 280php because of the cheeses but it was worth it.
hhhhhhhhAnimal Style DESIGNR FRIES – 145PHP, and yes, it’s bombarded by cheese.
Comments: THE PATTY IS GREAT. THE FRIES IS GREAT. THE CHEESES MADE IT GREAT-ER. Without sugar-coating it, it was really delicious and worth every peso

Sancho Churreria Manila
Address: 122 Maginhawa St., Quezon City
Operating Schedule: daily 11am -10:30pm
Specialty: Spanish
Budget: 100 – 250php per person
The first place we tried in Maginhawa! I think we had a “Single Ladies” Valentine’s Day here because we want to try something fancy-looking yet affordable.
Tropical punch 180/pitcher418953_376788272332703_1187807128_n
Grilled tenderloin w/ mushroom sauce (230php)419178_376789512332579_1853441282_n Chicken Cordon Bleu – 205php430818_376788325666031_298450994_n
Pork Steak -210php
Comment: Our habitual sharing of food concluded that the Tenderloin Steak was the best among the three. I actually ordered it again during my visit last year. The coating of the cordon bleu was too crispy, I’d still go for Conti’s. The pork steak was average, like a home cooked T-bone steak. Ditch the tropical punch – your High School night party’s punch tastes better than this.

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place
Address: 22 Malingap St., Quezon City
Operating Schedule: Monday-Sunday; 8am-10pm
Specialty: American breakfast
Budget:150-300php per person
Ally’s already revamped their menu. They now serve non-breakfast meals and Filipino dishes.
Satisfying Steph (300php), hotdogs, scrambled eggs, bacon strips, a glass of iced tea, classic waffle and unlimited rice
Comments: Average. Just a typical home-made breakfast. The presentation and interiors was good; the staff was very accommodating during my entire stay. I wasn’t able to finish the meal – it should be “More than Satisfying Steph”.

Wicked Kitchen
Operating Hours: MONDAY—SUNDAY, 11AM–11PM
Specialty: Desserts
Budget: 160-400php per person
Wicked Kitchen highlights its seven sinfully desserts (names based on the actual seven sins). They also offer pasta, rice meals, soups and salads.
Gluttony (185php) 5-inch chocolate chip cookie, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup
Comments: The place was great, black walls and hanging lights inside mason jars. Well, we ordered for  two plates of  “Gluttony” but we felt wrath because of the service. There were only few people but the server was very inattentive, after waiting for 20 minutes, we only received 1 plate of Gluttony. She forgot to place 2 orders.
The cookie was freshly baked so the vanilla ice cream melted instantly. I can’t really comment on the taste because the cookie burned my tongue. Overall, the taste was okay but not worth your 185php.

The Breakfast Table
Operating Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday; 7am-8pm
Specialty: Filipino Breakfast
Budget: 175-350php per person
(photo grabbed from Zomato)
The place was filled by families and old folks on a Sunday morning. The Breakfast Table offers famous viands from the different [arts of the Philippines. They also sell longganisas on a half-kilo basis and bread loaves.
We ordered a customized breakfast meal (a chart with options of individual viands). This costed us 175php each.
Comments: I fell in love with the place mat. Both of us had danggit as one of our viand. I remebered the danggit that I bought in Cebu while chewing it. The vigan longganisa is legit – Ilokano and garlic flavor. The pork tocino looks weird, it’s on the salty side.

Gayuma ni Maria
Address: 123 V. Luna Extension, Quezon City
Operating Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 11am -11pm; Friday- Sunday, 11am-12midnight
Specialty: Filipino
Budget: 125-300php per person
I’m glad that I went here first before reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The theme of the place was really hilarious – penis shaped cookies, kinky toys/props and lingerie.
599032_462216597123203_460795005_n 598766_462215607123302_1127769694_n 581059_462215340456662_93048914_n
H.H.W.W.P.S.S.P. (Holding HAnds While Walking Pa-Swing Swing Pa) – P160
Crisp fried peppery chicken tenders with rice
Through the Fire (65/stick)
Pork BBQ
Secret Lovers (P185)
Rich braised beef pot pie with potatoes 180225_462216020456594_636247585_n
Hang your love notes or random messages here
Comments:  Their unusual theme and funny menu really entertained us. For the food, everything was good but the beef pot pie was the best!


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