Box Park, Quezon City | A Curious Food Guide

Curiosity and hunger kicked-in so I decided to try out this new food place in Quezon City. Just two jeepney rides away from home, I can finally enjoy eating my favorite foods like ice cream, burger & fries. Similar to StrEAT Maginhawa, Box Park has food “boxes” which offers a variety of cuisines. The concept of the place is cargo container boxes which were re-decorated to suit the theme and menu of the tenants.
Box Park is open daily from 3pm to 12 midnight and you can enjoy a fulfilling meal for 150-200php. Try going here from 3-6pm to avoid a heavy crowd.
So far, I’ve only tried 4 food boxes. I’ll keep updating this post for new reviews and guide.
Mr. Diggins
Specialty: Ice cream with waffle
Price: 95-120php
Now I ain’t saying she a cold digger
Spectrum (P95)
Crushed graham & cookie ground + strawberry wafer + sprinkles + strawberry coating
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Honey Pot (95php)
crushed graham & cookie ground + honey + honey crunch + butter crutons + caramel coating
A different twist to your waffle cone and ice cream! Well, instead of putting the ice cream in a waffle cone, a waffle is inserted in a soft serve ice cream. Their ice cream is not too sweet, plus the thick waffle and other toppings was very satisfying. The presentation reminded me of The Lost Bread in Maginhawa. Between the two flavors, I would recommend the Honey Pot- the candy sprinkles in the Spectrum was too hard.

Colonel Frank
Specialty: Hotdogs
Price: 155php
I saw their hotdog sandwiches, and it was very big! They also have different twists like mac & cheese and hashbrown with eggs toppings

12231640_1113481705330019_86719803_n (1)

Grenade eggs (155php)
So it’s true. A good 7-inch hotdog with 2 hashbrowns, Sriracha  and a sunny side egg. The buns are also soft and moist. I’d really catch a grenade for you…and I’ll eat it.

The Pie Guys
Specialty: Pies
Price: 150php

Ozawa Noritako
Specialty: Japanese food with a twist
I would recommend buying iced tea here. They have gigantic mason jars which could quench the thirst of 4 people for only 90php!

Plaza de Taqueria Mexicana Cantina
Specialty: Mexican
Price: 95-225php
IMG_2358 IMG_2361
Quesodilla (95php)
I actually had a dilemma choosing between Plaza Taqueria’s and Porkfolio’s quesadilla. But I went for Plaze Taqueria’s because of the price. Well, it was a good decision because it tastes great and the presentation was very instagramable. The garlic-ly cream cheese dip with an additional kick of chili made the quesadillas tastier.

Boxyard 101
Specialty: Burgers, Liquor & steak
Price: 140-220php
IMG_2376 IMG_2365
Bacon Cheese Burger (160php)
This is the largest food box in Box Park. Their vintage shack themed place offers Australian grade burgers and steaks. The bacon cheese burger is just fine – still better than Zark’s. The cucumber and tomato were cut thickly.

The Fry Guys
Specialty: Fries
Price: 60-150php
Poutine fries (150php)
Nothing will go wrong with fries so I tried their Poutine fries (I think this is famous in Canada). This gravy and cheese covered fries actually tastes great! Plus, they will torch it in front of you. However, you must consume it immediately if you don’t want to eat soggy fries.

Baste & Taste
Specialty: Variety of comfort food and pasta

Kazam Kebab House
Specialty: Middle-eastern

Specialty: Pork dishes with a Filipino/Spanish/Mexican twist
Price range: 120-250php


Porkfolio Quesadilla (125php)
A different quesadilla twist! Jam-packed with pork and other relishes, I felt eating a flat burrito (but it really tastes good).


Specialty: Churros
Price range: 95-125php
Price to serving ratio, perfect! These long chunky sticks weren’t that greasy and the chocolate dip is not too sweet. I must try this again with their coffee.

Angel Treats
Specialty: Filipino snacks and street food

Thai Food
Specialty: uhm…Thai food? Yes, Thai food
Price Range: 80-100php
This is the only food stall which didn’t acquire a container box. Thai food sticked with the push cart/ hawkers in Thailand and they only serve 3 Thai street foods – Pad Thai, Thai Fried rice & iced coffee. Will definitely try this soon!



Pad Thai (100php)
So I tried it too soon and I was disappointed. Or maybe I tried the real Pad Thai in Bangkok that’s why I had high expectations? It tasted like raw vinegar with a dash of chili. It’s too sour for a Pad Thai.
Box Park
73 Block 2 Lot 28 Congressional Ave, Tandang Sora, Quezon City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 3pm-12mn
Near Mira Nila Village. You may take a jeep going to Luzon Ave. and take a tricycle going to Box Park.


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  1. These foods all look wonderful. I just had supper and am hungry again after looking at all these pictures and reading your reviews. Can’t let the schnauzer (Lexi) see this! Thanks for stopping by our blog, as that is how I found yours. 🙂

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  2. Great post! Totally mouth watering 🙂

    The Marigold Quest

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