Senyor Ham |A Fil-Mex Fusion

We went to a bank’s event during the weekend for nachos (yes, only for nachos). This start-up business was a surfeit hit during that event- everything was sold-out at 6pm. Glad that we went here earlier and tried their Macho Nacho and Juices.
Nacho Macho P110
Crispy tortillas smothered with cheese, loaded with toppings and crushed chicharon. Every bite…felt like a Fil-Mex party in my mouth! Their “secret cheese” wasn’t too salty and its consistency was perfect as it coats the tostillas and holds the toppings.  Plus, their price was very reasonable because of the taste and serving size.
Raspberry Lychee and Lemonade Cucumber P55
Pair your nachos with their  delicious juices. You can feel lychee or cucumber bits in every sip. The combination was new and refreshing to my tastebuds.
Senyor Ham really deserves his “senyor” title as reality exceeded our expectations.


Senyor Ham doesn’t have a permanent location  and social media accounts yet. But I believe that this food business will definitely grow because of their products and great service.




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