Georgetown, Penang | The Ultimate Food Crawl

Penang, for me,  is a “diverse-city” #pun intended. This city is a mix of different cultures and FLAVORS – from Malay to Indian and Chinese.
Feeling hungry is not common here as there are coffee shops or hawkers in every corner. You can satisfy your hunger and please your palate for only 1.20RM to 5.00RM .
So, for 36 hours, we tried some of their famous foods in between our Street Art hunt. Plus, I somehow learned how to use chopsticks!
Disclaimer: This is not a dish of spaghetti. The noodles could be compared to our “Mami”. Mee Goreng is a very flavorful but spicy, packed with different types of meat and shallots. If it wasn’t spicy, it will probably be the #1 in my list.
IMG_9894Chinese dimsum shops are quite pricey compared to the local coffee shops and hawkers. Also, avoid pointing or asking the ladies as they will put random expensive dimsum in your table. To describe the taste, uhm, imagine a typical dimsum place at Chinatown.
“Satay tayo diyan” the most delicious satay sticks and peanut sauce I’ve ever tasted! If I’m not mistaken, we had these at New Lane Hawker place.
I’m not a fan of curry, but this one really seduced my tastebuds. It has a spicy kick but my tongue could bear it.
How could I ever forget our first meal at Penang. We absolutely don’t have any idea on where to go and eat at 7am in the morning. We accidentally saw a smoke at Lebuh Kimberly and ordered a plate of dry Char Hor Fan – and we weren’t disappointed! The sauce and char siu strips was so tasty!
Wonton soup and Barbecue Chicken Wings…because there are no rice in Lebuh Kimberly. The wings tastes good but it was too “bone-y” and I had a hard time eating it. IMG_0003
The star of Penang hawker food and the #1 in my list. Charcoal cooking process made the flavors more intense and I can feel the freshness and crispiness of the vegetables.IMG_0050
It’s the only rice meal that I had in Penang and I found it at New Lane. It is tastier compared to Singapore’s chicken rice- probably because they added lots of soy sauce.
The spiciness that I can’t curry carry. My friend said that it is delicious. BTW, I have a weak tongue for spicy foods.
Oh no. The only food that made me sad. It is a combination of unusual slices of sour fruits and vegetables. The dressing is…salty and sweet. My palate was overwhelmed with the strong flavors.IMG_9674
It’s like a thick and crispy pancake batter with chopped peanuts. Surprisingly delicious. If this is available in the Philippines, I’ll stop buying peanut butter.IMG_9690
Oh yes! I bought 4 bags of these during our stay. Every sip reminded me of the Milo with Carnation Evap during the 90’s. IMG_9895
This was a mistake that happened at the Chinese dimsum shop. I ordered for Iced Milk Tea/Nai Cha, but they served me their house tea with ice. HAHAHA there were tea leaves and it tasted so bitter.IMG_9941
Cone-ception. There are 3 tiny cones on a cone. There are 4 flavors but all I could taste is the Durian ice cream. IMG_9673
IMG_0052Iced sweetened black coffee. Sorry, Starbucks, this is more delicious. IMG_9843
Iced Milk Tea. Same level as the legit Thai Milk Tea.
Beverages in Penang was so good, I think I forgot to drink water and my caffeine intake shoot up.IMG_9998
An interesting twist to  flavored shaved ice. The grape juice tastes natural. You can find 3 stalls of this at Lebuh ArmenianIMG_0001
Because I had a bad experience with Kacang, I opted to buy Cendol. The combination of sticky rice, beans, coconut milk and green rice jelly was perfect! This is the “Sticky Mango Rice” of Penang.


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  1. Everything looks just amazing !

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  2. I felt hungry after all that!! 🙂

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