Penang, Malaysia | Visually & Gastronomically Pleasing

Literally a “MALAYo ang PENANGgalingan” – worthy hashtag. After an almost 5-hour freezing bus journey from Kuala Lumpur, we finally arrived at Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal, Penang at 4:30am. The only way to go to our hotel during that time was a taxi ride. Based on the reviews and blogs that we read, fare plays around 25-35 RM. Plot twist – it’s 45RM during late night and it is not negotiable because they have a print-out of the fare rate.
We arrived at Grand Penang Inn at 5am and had a 2-hour sleep. Thank goodness for the comfortable bed and pillows. Our accommodation was very convenient as it was near the major attractions and bus stops. You can explore Georgetown by means of walking or riding a bus (Tip: look for the buses with CAT signage – it’s free of charge).
For those who are planning to go to Penang, here’s our “Ten Things to do under 48 hours” guide.

Street Art Hunt

Please your eyes with these beautiful and informative street art. Most are located in Lebuh Armenian. To feel the excitement, get a map from your hotel and grab a pen and imagine that you’re on a treasure hunt. Once you located the street art, take a photo of it and mark it in your map.

Rent A Bike

Georgetown is a small area. You can explore it by walking. However, you could save more time & energy by renting a bike for below 10RM (whole day).

Visit a Museum

There are a lot of museums in Georgetown, but knowing a place’s history is also a must when traveling. The National Museum of Penang is very recommendable if you would like to have a time-travel of Penang’s past.
There are also other museums which depicts the Chinese culture and modern 3D art

Cafe Crawl at Love Lane

Every corner in Penang has coffee shops, but you could only find the “specialty cafes” in Love Lane. You could enjoy “Kopi” with a twist (and wifi).

Pay respect in churches & temples

Architecture appreciation

Establishments have similar designs but the color combinations are like pantone charts
The Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is a testament to Penang’s royal connections. Commissioned in 1897 by a local millionaire, Cheah Chen Eok, to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, it stands 60ft-high, with each foot representing a year of the Queen’s 60-year reign.
The Penang Supreme Court House in Georgetown was built in 1809 is just up the road from the Esplanade.
The Penang City Hall is a British-built, Edwardian-style building in George Town, Penang.

Buy souvenirs at the Jetty Clan

Enjoy the old style buying of goods at the Jetty Clan. Most stores here are the homes of the sellers. Prices are almost same with those stalls in Lebuh Armenian, but you can find the most generic souvenir items here.

Enjoy the view of Penang

Penang Hill is a hill resort comprising a group of peaks in Penang. To go there, ride a bus from Komtar station going to Air Itam.
Uphill ticket pass (roundtrip) costs 15RM.

 Look DownIMG_1321

Georgetown’s sidewalks are filled with tile patterns which are #FromWhereIStand post-worthy

Eat. Eat…EAT!!

PENANG IS THE ULTIMATE STREET FOOD DESTINATION. There are hawkers and coffee shops in every corner. They offer Affordable food with a superb taste.
Areas to visit – Lebuh Kimberly and New Lane Hawker (great satay).
Foods to try- ALL! especially their Kopi and Char Kuey Teow.
After almost 48 hours of pleasing our eyes and tummies, it’s time to leave Penang. We have booked a late night bus trip going to Malacca. Malaysia Leg 2 to be posted soon!

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