Melaka, Malaysia | Paint the Town Red

After 8 hours (non-stop) drive from Penang, we arrived late at Melaka’s central bus station and waited for another hour for another bus going to Stadthuys. I really felt bad because of our shortened stay at Melaka and it rained. From our planned stroll of 7am- 2pm, it became 10am-2pm.
Check out what we did for 4 hours

Checked in at Discovery Cafe

35RM for 6 hours ain’t bad for a hands free stroll, shower, and a free toast and kopi. Luckily, the staff is a Filipina, she gave us some tips and a map for our quick Melaka tour

Church of St. Francis Xavier

The church was built in 1856 at the site of an old Portuguese church by French priest.

Christ Church

 18th-century Anglican Dutch Colonial style church and is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia

Red Clock Tower

By the way, all of these red structures are part of the Red Square or Stadthuys – the administrative capital of Melaka.

Colorful Trishaw

If you want to explore the areas near the Red Square, you may ride a trishaw for 25-35RM

Climb A Famosa Fort

A Portuguese fortress and the oldest surviving European architectural remains in south east Asia. This is a smaller version of Manila’s Intramuros.

Enjoy the view from above

A mix of modern and historical architecture – really reminds me of Manila.

Kopi Tasting

Unfortunately, the line was very long and I already took a cup of Melaka coffee in Discovery Cafe – another cup might ruin my stomach.

Proclamation of Independence Memorial

It is a museum which displays the journey of Malaysia from independence and its modern development

Window and Door appreciation

It is very odd to have an admiration to walls/windows/doors.. but Melaka really have some “instagrammable” backgrounds

Walk around Jonker Walk

Jonker walk could be considered as the Chinatown of Melaka. It is filled with restaurants, textile shops, coffee shops and houses.

Souvenir Hunt

Everything in Melaka is so cute – you can find quirky stuff at Jonker Walk

Chicken Rice Ball

I expected that the chicken was already included in the rice – boo, it was an overpriced chicken rice meal.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Or the “Temple of Green Cloud” is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia which practices the Three Doctrinal Systems of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism
We rushed to Discovery Cafe before 2pm to get our things. However, we really had a hard time finding the bus stop going back to the Central Station. We are already opting to ride a taxi but it will cost us around 30Rm. Luckily, a kind-hearted local offered us a ride.

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