Taichung | Taiwan-na be on Top

With only an hour of sleep, and some screenshots of Google Map & Waze, we headed to our first destination in Taiwan – Taichung City.  Thanks to its similarity to the Japan Rail and friendly locals, we arrived at our destination with less to zero hassle.
We took the High Speed Rail from Taipei Main Station to Taichung Station – the non-reserved seat costs 675NTD. Since it is non-reserved, you are only allowed in 2 carts ( cart 10-12). The travel time is about an hour.
From Taichung HSR station, we followed the sign going to the bus terminal. From there we took bus #30 going to Rainbow Village. Compared to Taipei, most locals here can not read not speak English so having a screenshot of your map with Mandarin characters will be very helpful.
The bus ride was about 10 minutes and we were dropped off near a temple. Following the tourist bus we finally arrived at Rainbow Village.20170420_104112
Rainbow Village is a veterans village which is vibrantly painted by Mr. Hwang (Rainbow Grandpa). The entire area is very colourful and is enjoyed by the children.20170420_103526
I bought a quirky postcard from their souvenir desk and luckily there is a post office nearby. The stamp only cost 17NTD!
We went back to the bus stop and waited for…. okay, a very long time. Going to places is now hard without an internet connection. Thankfully a local (a milktea vendor) approached us, but we only have a screenshot of Xinwuri Station. We asked if there are buses going there, but he can’t seem to understand us. So we waved at a taxi and he instructed the taxi driver to bring us to Xinwuri station.
So our next stop is Houli Flower Farm. It’s a 30 min ride from Xiwuri to Tai’an (Mountain Rail).20170420_141738
From Tai’an Station, a friendly local who was also going to the flower farm accompanied us. It was a 20-minute walk. The path was surrounded by rice fields and vegetable farms. Very different from Taichung City.
Entrance fee cost NTD 50. We were so amazed with the variety of their flowers and the picturesque scenery.
They also added props for a more dramatic photo shots.IMG_4214
We suddenly remembered “Lavender”, a Taiwanese series during our grade school days.20170420_152826
Dead tired, we took a taxi going back to Tai’an Station. From there we disembarked to Taichung station to find an internet sim card. Luckily we found one at a local cell phone shop.
With easier navigation we decided to go to I’m Talato ice cream shop. It is located at No. 451, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City.
We ordered two scoops for NTD 150. I highly recommend their Hokkaido Cheese flavor.
The ice cream parlor has gigantic ice cream displays!
Last stop was Feng Chia Night Market. It is located at Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City. We took a taxi because the waiting time for the bus is too long.
I really thought it was Dotonburi. The entire area are filled with retail shops and food carts. The aroma of stinky tofu is everywhere!20170420_19535520170420_194911
Tip: Clothes here are cheaper compare to Taipei night markets.20170420_20125320170420_201608
Since we’re trying to catch the 11:00pm HSR train to Taipei, we took a taxi going to Taichung HSR. It was indeed a taxi-fied day.
Our journey continues in Taipei!


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  1. May I ask.how much was your taxi fares?


  2. Hello, I just want to ask if how much is your taxi fare from rainbow village to Xinwuri station? and do you know the bus schedule? thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi mizzi! Our taxi fare was around 250-300 NTD from rainbow village to xinwuri. For the bus schedule, I can’t help you on that since there were no passing buses during our 30-minute wait. But some recent blogs mentioned that taking bus #56 at Rainbow Village bus stop will take you to Xinwuri station for only 15 NTD (no schedule mentioned). Thank you and hope this will help you 🙂


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